My, my: Amanda Trujillo signed on the dotted line

How interesting. For those who are unaware of the story regarding Amanda Trujillo, she is an RN in Arizona who blew up the Internet when she was fired for, in her mind, doing her job. It all started with this post on Vernon Dutton's Posterous blog containing an e-mail from AT. Vernon and his minion Andrew Lopez, who runs the site Nurseup, immediately whipped the Twitterverse into a frenzy and castigated those of us who voiced concern. Andrew threatened me personally and conducted a flatteringly thorough smear campaign against me, apparently, which I say because I grew almost immediately bored and stopped reading his illiterate attempts at bloggery after I'd answered his questions four or five times. I don't think my own grandmother thinks of me as often as Andrew Lopez did, hence the "flatteringly." I also wasn't too popular with fellow nurse bloggers after posts such as "Amanda Trujillo...STFU," "Why I love Evernote, derailed to Amanda Trujillo," "Jaw-dropping stuff on nurse advocacy from Amanda Trujillo," and, finally, "Documentation from the AZ BoN on Amanda Trujillo."

That last one got 200 comments and evoked personal and professional threats. No, seriously. I was accused of falsifying or outright fabricating this document, which is publicly available, but although people have time to write slanderous comments, they don't seem to be able to take the time to verify their claims one way or the other. Finally a few did. No apology has been forthcoming from the syncophantic Andrew Lopez, nor has an explanation emerged for why he is such a dedicated boot-licker. I'm curious, but not enough to do much investigation. The behavior of AT's followers is almost as baffling as her own. A read through the comments to that post shows at least one thing clearly: nurses care about this issue.

Amanda evidently finally took my advice and shut up, presumably because her lawyer told her she was being a complete idiot and not because she read my post, but either way she did. Vernon and Andrew tried valiantly to keep the momentum going, but it sort of petered out (Freudian dig intended), and additionally Amanda alienated several more of her erstwhile major supporters by acting completely insane.

Which did not slide by the Arizona Board of Nursing. Behold a Consent Agreement from said worthy body, signed by Amanda. In it she admits wrongdoing and ends up with her license on probation with byzantine terms no nurse could likely adhere to. I almost feel sorry for her. I wonder if and why a lawyer would allow her to agree to such comprehensive and complicated terms; I wonder if she could even find a lawyer to take her case. The BoN, among many other requirements, requires both psychotherapy and ethical counseling. She's got employment requirements that I can't really even figure out. They seem to go something like she has to work more than 1 but fewer than 3 hours per week, but only on Thursdays when it's raining, and if she fails to work 12 hours per week then she violates the terms of her probation. (Yes, this is hyperbole. It's a literary device used to make a point and not a summary of fact. Just staving off all the idiotic comments I can.) She can, however, work as a CNA without censure, not that she needs the money. According to her blog she has a personal trainer and other stuff I can't even afford, and I have a job. Must be the proceeds of well-meaning nurses who forked over their own hard-earned money thinking that they were supporting the future of our profession. I hope they ask for refunds.

And no, haters of the blogosphere, I did not make this up. I got the PDF link directly from the AZ BoN license verification Web site, where you too can go clicky-clicky and read the damn thing yourself.

And to Andrew and his ilk, I have no words:

Except nyah nyah