Back injury: thrilling story

I hurt my back almost a week ago, last Wednesday at the end of my third of three shifts, and like many back injuries it was (a) something I do all the time and (b) something I probably could have prevented had I waited for help. But on the bright side, it seems it’s a bad strain that will end up being just fine, and I’m having a great time on light duty to contemplate the benefits of not jacking up my back.

It’s as Nurse Jackie wisely says: “What do you call a nurse with a bad back? Unemployed.”

I’ve tweaked my back or just had a sore back before, but I’ve never out-and-out gotten so hurt that I actually couldn’t do anything. It’s been educational and unpleasant. Things I take for granted that I haven’t been able to do at all or at least not easily:

  • Shaving my legs
  • Walking the dogs
  • Getting in and out of my car
  • Sleeping (this has been MISERABLE; twice now I’ve been so unable to get comfortable enough to sleep that I’ve been up >30 hours and then slept an entire day away when I have gotten too exhausted to go on)
  • Putting my shoes on—thank God for slip-ons

It sounds bonzo, but I’m glad I at least did this at work so I’m not getting nailed for having to take time off. The occ health doctor said I am released to work as long as I don’t lift more than 5 pounds and don’t bend or stoop. So I’ll be putting in my time this week stashed in a back room auditing something or other. I think my boss saves the most reprehensible parts of her job for nurses who get put on light duty. But that’s cool. Less PTO I have to burn up.