Another ER visit and more on strange SVT

Murphy's law certainly applies to this cardiac thing I've got going on here. Yesterday was a visit to my PCP for a UTI from the Foley during the ablation; today was a visit to the ER because I coughed and felt a ripping sensation at my IJ site followed by my neck puffing up. This was kind of a funky thing because it hurt then didn't then did, and when the pain came back my voice was hoarse and I felt like there was a bubble under the skin of my neck.

There actually was, I guess. A lot of them. Ultrasonography showed that it was subcutaneous emphysema and not anything nefarious (of course, I was convinced I had a giant blood clot that was just waiting to shoot up into my brain and kill me).

While I was there anyway, the ER physician looked up the EPS surgeon's operative notes, and officially the weird dysrhythmia I had is paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia with Wenckebach block [periodicity]. I've always loved a legitimate excuse to say "Wenckebach." I never thought the excuse would be that I had the block!

I need to bust out my Dale Dubin EKG book and read up on some of these rarer things. Now that they're about me, I'm more interested. It's amazing to me the things they can fix. Be still-er, my heart....