Scrubbing In on MTV: Seriously?

I've been reading outrage on Twitter for the last few days over this new show "Scrubbing In" on MTV. There are petitions to get it taken off the air. Turns out you can stream the whole first episode, so I just watched it. I'm literally under medical direction to be a couch potato, so why not?

This show is completely ridiculous. I can't really take it seriously enough to get angry about it. Sure, it would be nice to have an accurate and complimentary portrayal of nurses in the media, and this is on the other end of the scale on both counts, but is anyone really watching it and thinking it's realistic?

You could go minute by minute and comment on all the dumb things about this show. You could start with the utter stupidity of thinking "baby nurses" can do travel nursing or that a bunch of coworkers from, apparently, the same unit can just randomly pick up and travel for fun. I mean my department would be totally fine with half a shift leaving for a while. Not. I've worked with travel nurses, and one of my best friends is one. These nurses are really experienced professional people. Travel nurses have to have a huge and flexible knowledge and skill base---like how to start an IV.

It may seem odd for me to mention this very basic nursing skill, but in the show an ICU nurse pulls an ER nurse aside to practice attaching him to a monitor and starting an IV on him. What? Critical care nurses can figure that stuff out in a nanosecond. The funny part about this situation was that the ICU nurse got all butthurt when she got in trouble for acting like a nursing student and went all sorority girl gangstah on the nurse she was practicing on because she thought he told on her.

Yes, these "nurses" were unprofessional outside the hospital (and almost the whole show was outside the hospital). They drank and dressed like skanks, and there was even a gratuitous lesbian shower scene. I'm sorry to break it to the general public that most nurses are not 32 double-D models who have perfect bodies and wear full makeup at all times, although surely the general public has SEEN a nurse or two. Do they look this way? No.

Nurses do drink and have lives outside the hospital in real life, and I'm not sure it's doing any good for people to throw fits about this show because it shows nurses partying. This does not need to be a secret. It may feel as if nursing is our lives, but truly we are people first who are nurses for our jobs. We get to have fun just like everyone else, and it is tiresome to have this idea perpetuated that we are pure as the driven snow and do nothing outside work but read classic literature and work in soup kitchens. Having a life does not make nurses any less trustworthy or good at their jobs. Surgeons get to toss one back with impunity. Why can't we?

The nurses on this show act like idiot bimbos and would look that way regardless of their profession. None of them is likeable. The whole thing is just a waste of bandwidth. I guess I'll go on record as saying the show is dumb and unrealistic, but I bet it will just die a quiet death because it's boring. Yawn. At some point, it would be nice to have an accurate portrayal of nursing in the media, but this is an example of how not to do it. I did watch a few episodes of NYER the other night and thought it, in contrast, did a pretty good job. So go watch that and let Scrubbing In collapse under its own weight.