Adventures in cardiology

I include this photo because it shows I have color in my cheeks, a phenomenon unseen recently. No self-respecting nurse would be caught dead in the hospital on purpose usually, but I needed to be here and I actually feel better. Even feeling stinky on my polyester sheets and being buffeted by the puffy air mattress.

I have been tachycardic or in outright SVT for 3 days now. For me that includes pain, palpitations and shortness of air that won't let me sleep, and puking followed by sweating followed by freezing. Fairly miserable. Last night I improved on that by passing out cold and BREAKING MY NEW GLASSES.

So my friend J brought me again to the ER. This time I agreed to admission. Fluids that stay down, pain medication, and breathing plus lying on a bed without feeling and hearing my heart hammering are all wonderful things.

Everyone's been really nice, too. I have a new realization for how far that goes when you're sick.

Next up: will my ablation be moved up? Or will I languish around for 2 weeks? I'm not scared of it anymore. I just want it done so all this is behind me.