Work change, lifestyle change

I'm super excited to report that I was offered, and accepted, a job I really wanted. I didn't think I would when I went to the interview. It was my first interview, and I figured it would be a kind of warmup. But the more we talked and the more I saw, I had That Feeling.

I keep joking "that 11 days of unemployment really stressed me out, man." It's more than that, because I don't start for a month at the new job, but it's entirely different to have a month off knowing it's not open ended.

Also, oddly, for the first time in my life I'll have a Monday through Friday job. For serious. First I freelanced, and then I became a nurse, so I've never had such a job. It's an evening shift, so it's not totally like everyone else's job, but I'll be home by like 11pm, so my vampirism is at least temporarily at a close. Still, I won't have to be up much before noon, so I wouldn't say I'll have to become a morning person.

So in summary, I have a new job on the table with better hours, better working conditions, apparently friendly people who like their jobs, and a bunch of new challenges. Oh yeah, and it pays more as a base rate. I never really knew how much money I made with the differentials before, but I think they were dismal.

It seems very possible for me to develop a routine and regular habits. I'm not sure how that will go. I've been a nightshifter for a long time, and this isn't an ER setting. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone on purpose. Yikes!