Mavericks is kind of crappy

I am cranky right now because none of my applications would start when I opened my laptop, and when I looked in Activity Monitor (I should have said, "except for Activity Monitor, none of my applications would start") it bled red. Restart. Everything works. This is pretty common. And yes, I did a clean install. I'm a geek, remember.

I'm not downgrading because I like some of the new stuff too much. In particular, I've made extensive use of tagging and have made that and the tabbed windows a really productive part of my workflow. Still, I'm hoping the Apple fixes this buggy POS.

On another "et tu, Apple?" note, Apple Maps got me lost on my iPhone for the second time yesterday (not twice in one day, just second ever). But this time it ticked me off because I was downtown in traffic in freaking Kansas City and I had to pee, so I would rather have been at my location right then. At first I thought Maps got a bad rap, but I have to admit it's not treating me well.

WTH, Apple? So far this morning, I have been using Chrome instead of Safari, and things have been more stable after the initial restart. Safari seems to spawn all these errant Web processes and eat my RAM.

Finally, I should mention, because I'm NICE, OK, that Mac users who don't have the app Memory Clean (free from the App Store) should get it. It's free, and it sits in the menubar telling you how much RAM you have free. Click the icon, and it, well, cleans your memory. Then things run nicely again. Everyone's happy.