Winter is finally here!

It went in a week from being nearly 70 to being 18F here. So, the weather is normal for Kansas! I am feeling really happy in my RAV4. As SUV's go, it's definitely nothing fancy, but to me it's a huge difference from my little Yaris. The Beast gets super warm and I don't think I'm going to die when there's a little freezing rain on the road. Luxury!

Said Beast ferried the pibbles out to my friend J's huge...tracts of land on Saturday; the SUV is clearly a better means of transporting two large dogs. They ran and ran around a giant dead wheat field and through the woods while J and I froze. Then they were very tired dogs and sacked out for hours. I need to make a point of doing that more often.

My feeling of being busier than when I was working full-time persists. I'm editing some, but it's not a huge time filler. Perhaps it's more the unexpected daily hassles, as evidenced by the entire half a day I spent over that silly TB test. I'm grateful to HAVE these hassles, in theory, but in practice I can get a little cranky about it. Also, I'm doing a ton of things that I "didn't have time for" before, meaning I just didn't do them. I had plenty of time to sit on my butt and did so.

In tech news, I had ordered an iPad Air before I learned my income would become abruptly uncertain, and after long negotiations with myself I decided to keep it because I'd already sold my other iPad. But really? I didn't see that much difference once it had a case on it, and you HAVE to put a case on an iPad Air because the things scratch from dust mites. (I know that reads funny, but I left it because it causes funny images to spring into my head of an iPad scratching itself furiously.)

So, I returned it and the two cases I had for it and got a Retina Mini, doubling the storage for the same money. I know. What am I doing buying cars and iPads when I am DESTITUTE? I save a lot, OK. The car I needed, and the iPad is a total first-world "need." I use it a lot. Although I probably would've kept my big retina iPad had I known THEN what I know NOW. Anyway, I'm not sure how Apple accomplished this, but the Mini's screen seems only negligibly smaller than the Air's. I like it a lot. I haven't seen any of the reported lagging issues, and the screen shore does look purdy.

I'm off to cook some avocado alfredo. Again, I can't explain why, but I hardly ever cooked when I was working, and now I make stuff. I apparently needed a vacation or something. (And "something" was the choice.)