The insurance exchanges are pretty good

I've been putting off enrolling for insurance through because of all the whining and fury. I am lucky because although I am walking around uninsured right now, my magical 60-day COBRA window goes past January 1 when my newly purchased exchange coverage kicks in, and presumably 90 days after I start my new job I'll have coverage through them. At least that's how it generally seems to work.

Anyway, with trepidation I went to the site. It was easy. Is the coverage fantastic? It can be if you want to pay more. I picked a lower-quality one hoping it's temporary. The coverage is better than many other plans I've had in the past, and let me tell you: I used to be self-employed and had to buy insurance personally, and these plans are CHEAP. I quit being self-employed because I couldn't afford it. Between taxes and insurance premiums I had to make almost $100k per year just to stay in the black. For serious.

So I think we should take heart. If you're not covered elsewhere and need coverage, this is a GOOD THING.