Deep breaths, in and out

How many times have I said that? I'm doing it now. I think I said before that I wanted my soul to expand to fit its intended container, which sounds idiotic but I feel like my insides have not fit my outsides for some time and now I can breathe and start fixing that situation.

I am cleaning my house, and I've always found that metaphorical and envisioned sweeping out my mind and spirit too. There's about as much dirt and dust and clutter in my house as inside me, and neither will be sparkling in a day. That's all right.

Mostly I am doing those little things that we all just seem to not do because they seem too small to spend time on, but then the pile of "little things I need to do" is so big that it gets bothersome and unwieldy. Examples: I took my old printer to Best Buy to recycle it and bought a new noodle strainer. Now I don't have to trip over the printer or strain noodles with a pot lid and scald myself every night.

Obviously I'm doing productive occupational things as well. I'm looking for jobs and applying for things and reading my disturbingly tall stack of nursing journals.

But also I drove out into the middle of nowhere to have coffee and spice cake with mah girlz and take some pictures.

I'm serious about the middle of nowhere.

And I had dinner and did laundry and finished a book and played Animal Crossing. I'm just in a good mood. It feels so good to be healthy I can't get over it. I take my pulse all the time just to revel in the fact it's not 150. I leap to my feet because I can without getting dizzy. Childish? I don't care.