More postablation oddities

First I must address my anonymous question asker because he or she had a legitimate question and didn't resort to calling me names like "stupid bitch." I really don't like being called stupid.

Anyway, the person asked why I was writing so much about my cardiac issues because it made me look self-centered. Well, I have a personal blog, which by definition makes me self-centered. If you have a blog, you think people might read what you say. By entension, I can write about what I feel like. Also, cardiac issues make your worldview dwindle to the point it's all you think about, so it's also all I write about sometimes. Finally, a lot of nurses read this blog, and they probably take care of patients with dysrhythmias. I'm finding there's a lot more to them than "my heart beats funny sometimes." They might find these experiences interesting in their patient care.

So, mostly polite anonymous poster, I hope that answers your questions.

The oddity today is that I've been feeling bad lately. I'm not hungry, I throw up a lot, and other stuff. People kept saying it was stress, and I said "I'm not stressed. I'm an expert in feeling anxious, and I don't feel anxious. In fact it's weird." Today someone suggested that because I don't get the pounding-heart feeling anymore (I can't), I don't associate these feelings with "anxiety." How weird is that? I think it's probably true, though. So now I have to think of new ways to label "anxiety." I've always seen this issue as a very physical thing because I've apparently had a whacky heart all my life. But "worrying" and "stress" are emotional labels I have to reinvestigate.

I never would have thought of any of that with a cardiac issue. When I think of all the anxiety medications I've taken in my lifetime to control my heart rate!