Daily blog challenge

(Wrote this last night and it GOT SAVED as a draft. I'm ducking agency there.)

I took a break from reading the Divergent Series (Veronica Roth), eating peanut M&M's, and listening to The Meat Puppets---which is what I've been doing more or less since Tuesday. Did I want to go to Best Buy for Black Friday? No. I had young adult science fiction to read. I even turned down another viewing of "Catching Fire" to stay glued to my iPad. (My friend J invited me to go on a date with her wife to see it, probably because she didn't want to go, but I was able to boast I'd mown down shrieking tweens on opening night to see it.)

Anyway, I took this break to catch up on BlogHer and am inspired to do a daily blog post this month. I once did an iPhone 365 challenge and feel I was a better person for it, so why not?

Perhaps tomorrow I will have something interesting to say. For now, I have a book to finish.

NaBloPoMo December 2013