Day 23: Commitment vs injury, injury wins

I guess I will have to take up NaBloPoMo again in January because I dislocated my shoulder at work and have limited my typing to absolutely necessary typing. I'm also rethinking my blogs. I may move to Tumblr for just short "stuff I'm doing" posts. I am using Google+ increasingly because, as Mike Elgan says, it's kind of a social media Swiss Army Knife. I still like the reblog and sharing options of Tumblr, though. I may or may not have a Tumblr addiction.

For now, though, there will just have to be an awkward transition phase. I would like to leave this blog for longer-form posts, for example, which this is not. Leave a comment if you have wishes and desires for what you'd like to see here: everything in one place, or nonmedical/nongeek stuff somehwere else?