"Sick" does not = "emergency"

Being sick sucks. I get it. As one of my ER charge nurses used to say: "if you're sick, you might not feel good." That may sound stupid to a normal person, but it doesn't to ER staff, because people show up constantly on account of they don't feel good.

Have people never been sick before? I mean, seriously, grown, seemingly intelligent people go to the ER, where you go if you think you might DIE, because they don't feel good.

Stay home! Kick it old school. Drink fluids because fever dehydrates and they will help flush you out anyway. Unless you are vomiting, you do not need an IV and a bag of fluids. Drink fluids like you normally do. Take Tylenol and Motrin for your aches, pains, and fevers. Or go really nuts and buy some cold and flu medicine over the counter. Then, go to bed.

Do not go to the ER and spread your germs to everyone else, including the staff, who then cannot take care of people who ARE having emergencies. The ER's Tylenol and Motrin work just the same as the kind you can get at CVS.

If you are having trouble breathing, can't get a crazy-high fever down in an adult (that's NOT a 99F fever), or have some other alarming symptom, fine. It may be an emergency. However, if you have a sore throat, a cough, a lot of snot, aches and pains, a fever, and feel miserable because you can't get comfortable or rest well, then, sadly, you are sick, and you will not feel well. You will not feel well even if you go to the ER and expose others to your contagion.

Don't go to work, either. Ain't nobody got time for flu, never mind bronchitis.

photo credit: Www.CourtneyCarmody.com/ via photopin cc