I'm having a "more" day today

My birthday is Friday, and I have had a bit of retail therapy. It isn't my fault my birthday is so soon after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is it? I got some new stuff, then, but I have also been getting rid of stuff, so I am more mindfully getting new stuff with the idea that someday I will be trying to sell it on Craigslist too. I guess you could say I am being more selective about what I let into my life, whether it's people, ideas, energy, or things. I am on a mission to make my things reflect my stated priorities.

For example, I want the things around me to be used and used often and truly appreciated. Therefore, I sold my hideously complicated surround sound system that an ex-boyfriend insisted I get and replaced it with an ultrafabulous Bose mini soundbar. The giant speakers and all the wires and the complicated remotes from that system have irritated me for years, to the point I didn't turn it on very often. Conversely, I am in love with this little Bose speaker. It connects via Bluetooth to my iDevices or my laptop, it sounds fabulous, and I can just carry it around the house and be surrounded with gorgeous music. Music is one of those things I truly love and appreciate. This little bar is also sleek and cute, in sharp contrast to all the wires and blocky speakers I had to dust before.

And purely for fun I bought an anatomically correct heart pendant. I haven't had jewelry that meant something for a long, long time. The pendant is fairly big, as it would have to be for the detail, and every time I look at it, I think, "I'm so grateful my heart is healthy." And I smile inside.

Otherwise I am getting a decent stack of packages containing Christmas presents, and I feel happy thinking about how perfect each gift is for each person. This year, I have had time to spend time selecting things people will really like instead of throwing money at gifts because I have more money than time. This year it's the reverse.

Things do not bring happiness in a deep sense, but sometimes adding carefully chosen deliberate things does perk up the soul a bit. As does jettisoning things that have been dragging me down. Waste not, want not, and all that, but getting irritated at speakers for 5 years was just silly. No MORE.

NaBloPoMo December 2013