I love me a good IV start

I like IV stuff. I get bored with starting like 100 IVs a week, but I get less bored with it than with other things I do 100 times a week, and I do like me a good satisfactory first-stick start with someone who has spent a full 5 minutes assuring me that I'll require IV therapy, magic, and possibly a papal blessing just to get anywhere near a vein.

I was pissed last night because I had a string of patients like super chunky babies and 250-year old chronic steroid users and had had to try twice several times. I know I'm not a miracle worker, but I don't like sticking twice. Happily for me, my last patient said she was a terrible stick and wished me luck. Unlike most people who say that, she WAS a terrible stick, and I nailed that IV. Not only that, but she said I was a miracle worker. "That's NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE." She gushed. I kind of needed the strokes at that point. It was a great way to end the shift, apparently for both of us. I've seen few people as excited about an IV as this patient ("I took an anxiety pill before I came because I knew I'd get stuck 11 times...").

I know. It's kind of weird to like stick needles in people, so you might as well be fast at it to make it as comfortable as possible for people, right?