Hey, I'm still not perfect

I didn't make it too far on my 30-day challenge. I had beer and Subway. All things considered that's not catastrophic, but my chain is broken! No matter. I begin anew today. And I did go to the gym voluntarily on Sunday for 50 minutes. I was right that just a few days of good eatin' would probably make me feel like more activity.

Already I've learned a LOT about my eating habits in the process of making these changes. I try to look at it as adding better things in instead of taking stuff out, but the point remains that I was putting a lot of junk in my body. I probably went through a pound of chocolate per shift. That does leave a vacuum.

It may take months for me to stack up 30 days in a ROW! But I'm not discouraged. I'm still eating better than I have in years.