Truth about nightshift

This is from The study had a sample size of 14 and therefore is almost certainly crap, but I agree with all of this anyway.

The results of the study found a very strong cohesive team amongst the night shift. But it also fond evidence of the night shift crew operating somewhat as a silo (or separated unit) from the rest of the shifts. And there were several themes around this:

Staff felt that they had to deal with a poorer working environment that their daytime colleagues, particularly around distribution of workload and staffing. They also felt that they were required to work with much less resources and “sub-optimal” leader ship support from department managers. They expressed feelings that the night shift nurses appeared to be considered of lesser value or ‘lower status’ than other shifts.

There was also a sense of disconnectedness from the organization that might stem from the organization not trying to involve night nurses in hospital activities and processes or from the night-shift nurses actively choosing not to become involved. The disinterest in governance issues could be ambivalence or direction of energies to departmental concerns.