The nonanswer answer

As I've noted, I have many peeves, most of which are random. They tend to show up in groups. Lately, it is the "nonanswer answer." Let me demonstrate, for those of you who have never tried to elicit a patient history.

Me: So what brings you in today?
Pt: Oh, same as last time.
Me: Which was?
Pt: I feel sick.
Me: Sick how?
Pt: Oh, you know. Sick.
Me: Right. But, are you coughing? Vomiting? Have a fever?
Pt: I guess. 
Me: OK. When did all this start?
Pt: Oh, around the last time I was here.
Me [gritting teeth]: What is it that brings you here RIGHT NOW?
Pt: Uh, my head hurts.
Me [seizing on a chief complaint]: What time did it start?
Pt: Probably around when I left for work...