This is just demoralizing

We have been incredibly busy at work since the end of December, like every other ER in the country. Flu. GI bugs. Lots of sick peds. But last night...KILLED. We had acuity and numbers. No one died, including staff, so it was technically a success, but at 0700 we left a pretty full board and the nightshifters looked kind of like the clocks in "The Persistence of Time."

Our management has insituted a "burst text" system for things they used to send e-mails about, like "we have open shifts today" or "someone called in sick" and stuff that people missed because we typically check our e-mail when we're already at work. It's a good system for covering shifts in a hurry.


When I had a night like last night and I wake up for shift 2 out of 3 and there are TWO burst texts waiting for me, so I know before I even get there that 2 people have called in. That's just demoralizing. I'm dragging my feet a little. Thank god we have a freaking awesome nightshift team right now: we'll get 'er done. I just wish there were a break in sight, you know?