Fast conclusion to complaint about college professor

Not surprisingly, nothing will happen regarding my complaint about my idiot professor and his idiot colleague and their behavior 20 years ago.

Does it matter?

Probably not. I hope that these people at least asked them about it, and if so then they got the message that THIS WAS NOT OKAY. Which was really all I wanted anyway. Also, I feel better for having done something. It was too little and too late, but I feel like I harpooned a darkly swimming creature in my psyche. Got THAT one. Ha ha!

And now I have knowledge I lacked before. I know, firsthand, how, well, ABUSIVE abuses of power are, and how predatory the abusers are. I know how the victims feel good about themselves ("he likes ME, I'm getting so much attention") and cannot see what is happening. I know how others can conspire to keep this behavior in place to save their own skins. Before these memories chose to rise up, I didn't get any of that. I thought I would never fall for crap like that. I certainly never thought that I HAD FALLEN for it and that it would really mess me with me for so long.

So, young girls, women, boys, men, anyone approached by someone in a position of power over's probably janky. Please tell someone, and if, as with me, that person does nothing, tell someone else. Even if you're not sure it's wrong. Someone else needs to decide that.