I would've been a terrible pioneer

I would. Leaving aside that whole "no technology" thing (we think AT&T is bad NOW?)...my last few days of perceived possible deprivation have made me appreciate modernity anew.

I say perceived and possible because I was afraid I'd lose heat or the pipes would freeze or the Internetz would go down during this snowpocalpyse, but none of that happened.

And it's a damned good thing because I had the fever/chills/body aches thing which necessitated Motrin, Tylenol, and much use of electric blankets (I know. I'm a bad nurse. But EVERYONE DOES THIS AT HOME). I wondered how miserable I would be without ANY of that in a drafty cabin in such a snowstorm? I would never have made it. I mean, Advil is freaking miracle, and I don't even appreciate it properly. We should all get up every day and include that on our gratitude lists. I need over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, man. Excedrin, Motrin, and Robitussin and stuff.