Am I right?

It has again come to my attention that nurses are weird frigging people.

A non-nurse friend said to me, "You are so negative. Every time you go to work you say how shitty it's going to be."

So then I had to explain to her the obviousness of this. You HAVE to say that before you go to work, because otherwise the universe might hear you saying you were looking forward to a great shift and smite you for it! I'm not being negative. I'm being a good superstitious nurse.

Related: everyone knows that the triage nurse is responsible for all shenanigans in an ER. Last week a colleague was in triage and we were getting HAMMERED.

Then the charge nurse said to me, "Go out there and get him the hell out of triage." So I did, and immediately patients stopped coming in. He traipsed up front a half hour later and said, "You haven't registered anyone in 18 minutes! I'll just sit in this triage bay here...." And was bodily jumped by me, my tech, and a security guy.

We KNOW. The universe pays attention to things that normal people just aren't aware of. Am I right?