Funniest tantrum ever!

We've had about 2 feet of snow this week. I mean this, unfortunately, literally. No snow for 2 winters and then BANG. Made up for.

I drive a Toyota Yaris, and a hive of college students live next door who drive tiny little cars like VW Bugs and Geo Metros. We have shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled.

With a heavy heart, I trudged out with my shovel to dig out the Yaris when I woke up this afternoon. I'm pretty sure I have pneumonia, so it's scary to listen to me shovel. Scrape, scrape [break for hacking cough]. Wash, rinse, repeat. So I was lamenting my lot in life when awesomeness occurred.

The owner of the Bug backed out of the driveway next door and hit a trash can which had skated down the street. She idled in the street, got out of the car, and had a MELTDOWN.

"I'M SO TIRED OF THE FUCKING SNOW! [KICK] I'M SO [KICK] FUCKING TIRED [KICK] OF THE MOTHERFUCKING [KICK] SNOW!" She kicked the thing to the curb, literally. Apparently, the trash can was the last straw.

Then she got back in the Bug and drove away.

This was filled with all kinds of awesomeness. I collapsed against my car in emphysematic mirth.