Work conversations, part X

My work conversations just KILL me. I wish I could share more of them, but, you know.

Everyone has horrible plagues right now. Our charge nurse had no voice last night and was sending up smoke signals and using Morse code, and I have this ridiculous sniffly wet cough situation. I said, "Every time I laugh, I sound like the smoking sisters from the Simpsons!" Everyone agreed and then said, "What were their names?"

No one could remember. Then Something Catastrophic happened and we all rushed off. While I was triaging someone, my brain sifted through itself and popped up "Patty and Selma!" so I said "Patty and Selma!" because that's how my brain-mouth pathway works. ER patients being who they are, this one did a "head on the side" look and went right on. Afterward, I texted the charge nurse "Patty and Selma."

She came up and rasped, "Did something happen with autocorrect or something?"

I said, "No! The sisters on the Simpsons!"

Her: "Right! Well, I'm glad you sent that. I probably would have woken up at 11am tomorrow thinking WHAT THE HELL WERE THEIR NAMES????"

Me: "I know. I got your six."

Her: "Yeah, thanks."