A tale of two Airs

Funny how things that seem like disasters end up not being disasters, if you just let them ride. First, background.

I bought an 11" MacBook Air in January. Like last month, January. In accordance with my previous Air experience, I souped it up: bigger SSD and lots of RAM. I love those little powerhouses. Then my colleague KH posted on Facebook about her "latest model" 13" MBA with a 256 GB SSD that she was selling for $1,000 just because she couldn't live another second without Windows. I wrote her a check at once, thinking if I didn't like the thing myself I could resell it.

I liked it fine, so I listed my 11" for sale on eBay and got scammed. I'm not too easy to scam, but it can be done. Someone hacked a PalPal account and bought the laptop from his own eBay account but paid for it out of the scammed account. That isn't too easy to catch. HAPPILY, we were under a few feet of snow so I hadn't been able to ship it anyway! (First thing in my favor that didn't seem in my favor.)

So I still had both. I had rethought the 13" because I like the compactness of the 11". I like being able to toss it in a bag, put it in a drawer, and so on, plus it was, spec-wise, a much better laptop. Turns out the 13" is NOT the latest model; it's last year's, with a not-so-great processor. I was just lamenting this in the context of having decided to sell it instead of the little one WHEN...

I had the 11" out playing with it and seeing whether the screen size really bothered me at all (it doesn't) when my dog Banjo chased the cat, who leaped a good 10 feet directly into the coffee on my desk, and the coffee went directly into the keyboard. The thing flickered and died.

If this has ever happened to you you will know the feeling I got. I stared at it in horror. MY MONTH-OLD-SOUPED-UP-MACBOOK AIR!!!

After a thorough drying, the thing would boot up, usually, but the Wifi radio was fried and the screen flickered. I called my insurance company, USAA, who I love, and explained the situation. I have a personal items rider on my insurance and I've never had to use it, but I'm certainly glad I have it now! The few times I've needed USAA, they have been awesome. Those have been two, before now: once when a hailstorm totalled my car and once when a microburst tore the roof off my house.

I took the dead Air to MacXperts today and they pronounced it. Therefore, minus my small deductible, I should get a check for a replacement, and the Mac, well, expert said I could sell the 11" corpse on eBay for parts for a few hundred bucks. Who knew? Oh, and there in all that I sold my MacBook Pro to a friend. Am therefore down to the one 13" last-year's-model Air that I got for $1000 and am not really out any money.

Sometimes, just when you think utter disaster has befallen you, things just work out. Whew. I will miss my little powerhouse 11" Air. But when this 13" Air dies, I'll buy the newest iteration, and I'm sure it'll be even more wow-y.