Comments from Tanja Henderson-Jewell

This dog-food lady is now stalking me and posting (or attempting to, but I have deleted them to protect the innocent) inappropriate comments indicating she has researched my marital activities and so on, including accusing my innocent ex-husband of being the one who assaulted me decades ago. This is in bad taste even for an enemy. Why would you do this either to a victim of sexual assault or to an innocent bystander? So yes, you are blocked.

Tanja, I do post that I have psychological issues, in the hopes that others who also do will feel more free to get help, as I do. If you have issues with that, please feel free to start your own blog and start a witch hunt about nurses with anxiety and PTSD who get help for it. I'm not sure why that's an issue for you, but clearly you have issues, so please do seek help---as you urge me repeatedly to do. I am not defensive about this, so you won't get a rise out of me over this. Why should I be? Nurses have psych issues like everyone else. I deal with mine.

Your comments will not be approved any longer. Please feel free to contact my employer, who is quite aware of my blog. I would rather you not irritate them, because they have plenty of other things on their minds, but neither am I afraid of your bizarre threats, unless you continue to cyberstalk me, in which case I will follow through with my my intent to stop you. I've requested that you stop. Please do so.

This was all a result of a comment about dog food. You have suggested that I am obsessed, yet you have gone to the trouble to seek out my marriage license and suggest that my husband is a rapist, in response to my suggestion that your funding of dog food was over the top. Do you find this an appropriate response? I find it scary. I say again, I find this threatening, and I ask you to please stop.

Dog food. And you send me e-mail telling me that my ex-husband is a rapist. No, you're over the top. All comments now moderated, and this will not be tolerated. You should be ashamed of yourself.