I'm glad I have a security system

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to have a blog. I won't bother to throw a fit and take it down because I always put it back up, so strongly do I feel that anyone who wants a voice should have one. Unfortunately that means that crazy people can also have voices, and one is AFTER MY ASS. Yes yes, I know I posted opinions about Amanda Trujillo. But she was tearing up the Internet, and I posted public documents. That's really different from the reports coming to me today. Tanja the dog food lady has

  • Turned me in to "the authorities" (I'm not sure who they are, or for what)
  • Claimed I slandedered my ex-husband by claiming sexual assault (this is when I blocked her; I posted about being assaulted when I was 17 years old, but...what the hell?)
  • Stated that I am not a real nurse
  • Stated that I am a mental patient in the hospital

Those are just highlights. The best part is she thinks she is some kind of genius for figuring out who I am. This blog address is published next to my name regularly. The reason I don't list my name and affiliation myself is that I am taking my own nurse-blogger advice, even though I consider myself a blogger who just happens to be a nurse and not a nurse-blogger. I hope she wasted a LOT of time on that, because my boss is aware of yet totally uninterested in my blog. I'm just sad my employers will have to deal with her bullshit.

It was funny at first...the whole her claiming I'm obsessive, folllowed by her digging up my marriage and divorce decrees and who knows what else after I blocked her and sent her comments to the great beyond. I obsess about a lot of things, but Amanda Trujillo is not one. The link that started this? About the dog food? Someone else sent me that. I don't follow it anymore because it bores me. Someone also sent me a really long post about me by Amanda herself, which is riddled with inaccuracies but uses a decent photo of me.

But now it's not funny. This level of crazy, where she goes to that amount of effort and comes up with those kind of accusations that are so off the wall, scares me. So if I turn up in the river, y'all know where to look. Folks tell me she's set up a whole Facebook page in my honor, but I am not going to look at it. I have a feeling it'll be filled with more tripe. Sad thing is: you can make up anything you want about anyone and post it anywhere.

PS: I'm not a mental patient in the hospital. I guess I'm a mental patient, because I have a therapist. DOES THAT COUNT??