Day 1: check

I managed to go a whole 24 hours sticking to my 30-day challenge. And announced to everyone I saw so I'd have less ability to say fuck it and just quit.

That single day was illuminating. I eat A LOT of sugar. All the time. I eat chocolate constantly. It's almost like quitting smoking to quit eating chocolate all the time. I drink a lot of herbal tea so I'm putting things in my mouth all the time, just to handle the chocolate cravings.

Also, nightshifters eat CRAP. I somehow had not noticed all the crap I starting eating bit by bit. "You want to order?" Sure. Last night I was mournful. "No, I have my orange and Clif Bar." Everyone felt sorry for me. And said they should stop eating takeout too. But then they ordered takeout.

I'm trying to decide how obsessive to be. I quit wearing my Fit Bit because the numbers were almost the same week to week. But I could wear it again and set, like, a goal? And take measurements and stuff? I have to use caution because I could end up counting every single calorie I eat and freaking out if I don't weigh less EVERY SINGLE DAY and I'm not interested in that.