Ambulance at home

I am having issues with this SVT business. I keep going into it, passing out, and then converting. Which I am appropriately alarmed by and am taking the prescribed medications even though they make me feel AWFUL. The beta-blocker is making me cold all the time, then sweaty, makes me feel tired, gives me nightmares...but I'm trying to be a totally compliant patient, and I have faith that my heart will settle down.

But early this morning I was on my way to bed when I felt my heart start pounding (I really, really hate this feeling) and then woke up on the floor. Both times this has happened I've been lucky, no broken teeth or even visible bruises. I have had to search around for my glasses, but they haven't broken (Target optical!!). My pulse was still racing and my chest hurt, plus I felt short of air, so I actually called an ambulance.


An ER nurse calling an ambulance voluntarily? But I can't win here. Either I'm not taking it seriously enough or I'm overreacting. I decided if it were someone else with those symptoms I would say, "That qualifies as an emergency," so I called. I just called dispatch, not 911, but a cop showed up in like 30 seconds.

I said, "What the hell? Were you waiting at the end of my driveway?"

He said, "I was just around the corner. They said you were unconscious."

Then many things became clear to me about the radio traffic I hear.

"How," I said, "could I be unconscious if I SAID I was unconscious?" I can totally still be a sarcastic pain in the ass while clutching my chest and gasping for air. Bring it.

Then paramedics trooped into the house and hooked me up to things and I converted. I can feel it...air rushes back into my lungs and I feel like I could sit up without falling over. No muss, no fuss. We went through the whole "you look familiar" thing and they had me sit and stand while on the monitor, and then I signed the thingy and they left and I went to sleep.

So I guess for future reference, when vagal maneuvers fail, paramedics swarming your living room toting a Zoll will probably do the trick...?

Once more and I see an inpatient tele stay in my future. Bizarrely, it costs less for that than to wear a Holter for longer than 24 hours.

Needless to say I am unenthusiastic about this development. I feel betrayed by my body and am distressed about how these medicines make me feel. I just hope that they work and that maybe I will adapt to them too. Everyone cross your fingers!