Amanda Trujillo nuggets

I'm nervous to post anything at all about Amanda Trujillo because it opens up a can of crazy that has gone way beyond annoying and far into stalking and slander, but then again that's probably why hardly anyone speaks out against her. It's no fun to be mailbox bombed, have your place of employment called, and be accused of, well, a really head-scratching variety of personal and professional misconducts. At one point I had a Facebook page dedicated to me which stated that I was not a nurse, but instead a drug-addicted hospital psychiatric patient who was spreading slanderous lies about my poor innocent ex-husband---and that's just a small taste.

I really don't follow Amanda's case and haven't for some time because I decided a long time ago she was just off the rails and not all that interesting. I actually felt sorry for her when I read the conditions she has to meet. The things I've blogged recently have just been things people sent me, including this: Cry havoc, part II. Part I is linked in the article.

There are no new facts in there, but I did find this part particularly interesting:

After discussing those charges in my original article, I received a profanity-laden email from two of her supporters questioning whether I was even a nurse. Trujillo herself responded with a rambling blog post in which she seemed to take great umbrage at the fact that I hadn’t applauded her moral courage, charging that I was engaging in, in her words, “cyber bullying.”

This is exactly what occurred with me (among other things). If your response to the posting of public documents, which you have signed indicating you agree with the charges, is to resort to name-calling and tantrums...well, that is a pretty clear indication of culpability right there.

It goes back to something my grandmother used to say when one of us kids ran up and said, "So and so called me a bad name!" She'd say, "What if they said that you were a giraffe?" We'd say, "I wouldn't care about that." "Well then," she'd say, "act the same way about that other name." Point being, you wouldn't bother to argue that you're not a giraffe because the accusation is not worth response.

Amanda seems to think that she needs to vigorously defend herself against being a giraffe, and by seamy and underhanded means. Why?