Nursing survey: what are your go-to phrases?

I have always been a "catch phrase" fan. In life, so in nursing. I find it's handy to have a few gems ready and rehearsed so that I can bust them out if I am stressed or stuck. My favorites:

  • "You may be right." Useful to end any confrontation.
  • "It will be interesting to see how that works out." Useful during adult tantrums.
  • "I'm going to redirect you right now." Useful for patient tangents.
  • "Are you making a request?" Useful to refocus arguments.

I also learned early on to auscultate if I wasn't sure what to assess next. You look like you're listening to heart tones, but you can take a few extra seconds to decide what to do next.

That's about all my brain can handle or I end up sifting through my shortcuts, and that defeats the purpose. In almost any situation I can use one of these and at least give myself a little thinking time.

Anyone else? What do you say or do when you're stuck? I'm trying to help my student "not look like a dumbass," as she says. Her words. I don't think she does, and I have no problem now telling patients, "I have no idea what to even ask you about next. Anything YOU think I should know?" But I do remember using tricks like this a lot when I was new, and they increased my confidence and decreased my terror of being totally stuck.