Lessons from exes

I brushed my teeth just now (yay, I know, right), and I get really bored when I brush my teeth because that's 2 minutes where I have nothing to do really. So I think of weird shit, which is my default thing when I'm not sure what to do.

I realized that I've married and dated some really weird people who have taught me some odd things and given me a couple of phobias. I mean, I got nothing from my divorce, really, except a total obsession with my thermostat. I don't feel I was energy UNconscious before, but ever since I met my ex-husband: dude. I am on that thing like white on rice. I wouldn't want to waste energy or money. I would point out for a while that we were saving a few cents to turn it down while we went out for dinner, which cost $30, but still his logic seeped into me and I micromanage my thermostat.

Odder is the ex who informed me that when you flush the toilet, bits of poo fly out of it and get all over everything in the bathroom, and THIS IS TRUE, PEOPLE. I mean, OH MY GOD. She got all fancy about it and purchased snap-on toothbrush covers with suction cups that stuck to the mirror. I was more practical and said, "if you just close the lid when you flush, wouldn't that solve the problem?" It really does for me, I mean I don't worry actively about flying particles of microscopic poo, but I still think of it EVERY time I flush the toilet.

Take-home point: I have been with some neurotic people.