My awful dream

Ermahgawd, I just had a dream so awful I got up voluntarily lest I continue to dream it. The Muffs have a song called "My Awful Dream" that I actually had running through my head during my 9-minute snooze time.

I'm not much of a dreamer. I fall asleep, become corpselike, and then get up. Maybe I'm just not used to it.

In the dream, I was at work, only it was chaotic and I could get nothing done. No, like WORSE than for realz. The charting and greaseboard systems had changed just a little, but no one had told me, so I couldn't chart without its taking so much time I'd give up. The charge nurse was randomly giving me patients in different zones who had notes next to their names like "DO NOT OFFER THIS PATIENT A BLANKET WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND OR HE BECOMES VIOLENT DUE TO A PREVIOUS HISTORY OF PAST EXPERIENCES" (obviously I was irritated by the redunance and not the violence).

Patients were all crazy in time-consuming ways. I couldn't find my student. All three of my patients had the same last name so I kept getting my charting mixed up. I kept forgetting to ask the new questions popped into the computer charting.

It was the nursing equivalent of the dream where you run on a log and never get anywhere. Nothing terrible happened, but it certainly made me enthusiastic about waking up. Which may be a first. Also, I'm excited about going to ACTUAL work just to prove that it's really not like that! Holy cow. I'm never eating avocadoes and pasta before bed. I'm sure they aren't the culprits, but I need some superstition, okay?