Tria health: something smells wrong

My employer has a new benefit, Tria Health, which is free and helps you find ways to save money on your prescriptions. They called me repeatedly so I finally called them back to tell them to knock it off, but the lady was super nice so I talked to her. The thing that bugged me was she said, "Your employer has identified employees that may benefit."

Well, I don't want my employer KNOWING what prescriptions I take. Just on principle. Can they do that? Comb through and turn in employees for whom they don't like the medications they're on? I'm not going to be happy at all if they start telling us what medications we can and cannot take.

It's bad enough I can't have Skelaxin anymore and have to have Flexeril, which I don'teven fill because it makes me so tired I can't function.

I don't know. It just feels janky. I set up this free appointment to talk about my three cheap and old medications just to see what happens. But seriously, are employers allowed to just cherry pick through employees' medical records? What next? "We don't like your fast heart rate, so we won't insure you?" I thought health care reform was supposed to stop this kind of thing.

Or maybe nothing is wrong at all and they will find a way to keep me from paying $20 every few months. Who knows. Big expense there.