Work conversations, part X

I tried to think of some way to report this that didn't sound terrible, but I can't, which is kind of why it's funny. Recall that not too long ago I went into SVT in the triage bay, and my tech freaked out completely because although he's a pretty seasoned EMT who is not alarmist, it's apparently different when it's the nurse collapsing. I get that. Yet I am still getting good mileage out of tormenting him about it, because I can.

So early this morning, I said, "Why does your mom [a day shifter] always say 'OH GOD, this is going to be bad' when she sees me coming to triage?" Because obviously people think the worst of me at all times in my head.

Him: "It's just the cardiac thing. I've never had a nurse go down on me before." Then he kept talking.

I said, "Did you just say 'I've never had a nurse go down on me before?'"

He said, "Yes I did. I was trying to just keep talking and hope you wouldn't notice, but now you've mentioned it AND IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY."

Then I laughed for like an hour. The poor guy was brick red. "I can't even LOOK at you," he said. Then I told his mom on him when she came to work.