The reason nurses yell all the time

I finally figured out why we're always getting e-mails about how we're too loud. We ARE. Nurses yell at everyone all the time. It's not because we're mad; it's because so many of our patients are hard of hearing. We just get used to talking loudly.

Common scenario:

Me: Are you having any pain?

Pt: What?


Pt: Argh! You don't have to yell!

And once I had a lady who was nearly deaf as a post. I wasn't talking much louder, if at all, than usual, but her friend kept telling me not to YELL at her. I said, "I'm not yelling at her. It's actually just how I talk, but she can't hear me." I think the lady also had macular degeneration or something so we couldn't write back and forth, but whatever it was she couldn't see very well. "She reads lips," said the friend. "Stop yelling at her." What?