And another thing

For 15 years or so, I have checked my e-mail first thing when I wake up. Every day. NEARLY every day, something in my e-mail pisses me off. Therefore, within 10 minutes after I wake up, I am mad, almost every day of my life.

Why do I do this? Lives never depend on the expediency with which I check my e-mail.

I am feeling like a real idiot today. That definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results? The more I think about it, the more things I do fit it.

Ridiculous. I'm turning off all e-mail notifications except from my VIP list, which contains only 3 names. And maybe I'll get really crazy and wait until my SECOND up of coffee to check my e-mail, because really, when I say "I'm going to check my e-mail," it equates to "I'm going to get really upset now!" Who rushes to do that?