Body piercing, urban legends, and sorority girls

I made good on my intentions to stay off my couch today. I got my hair colored and cut (aka "tamed the nurse Afro"), had lunch at my favorite falafel place while reading an adolescent vampire book, and then trotted down the block, to get a piercing (a conch, for the curious...just a bit of bling). Because, you know. I wanted one.

I bopped into the store and flung my ID across the counter just as two firefighter/medics came in announcing they had to check the fire code AND as a girl wobbled out of the piercing room with the "I will faint now," look. I asked the medics, "Did you come for her?" Because I was confused. The three of us peered at the girl reeling around and did a mental rock-paper-scissors. I was closest, so I did the "grab under the armpits while person falls" catch and put her on the couch.

The medics went to check the fire extingishers (which were in fine order, I'm assuming), no one having, after all, asked them there for their medical services.

Here is what I don't understand. The piercer shot out with glucose tablets and started stuffing them in this girl's mouth. Why do they do this? Is there something magical about body piercing that causes blood sugar issues? Because to me it looks like your average vasovagal response.

The girl looked like she was going to barf up the tablet, so I said, "Lie down on the couch and put your feet up on the back." She felt better a few seconds later. So someone explain to me, what's up with the glucose tablets? Is it like a tradition or something? Or is there any physiological reason for it?

Then her friend turned green and wobbled for a repeat performance after her own piercing.

Then they both got queasy just seeing through the curtain when I had my ear done. I checked in the mirror, jumped up, and strode out. They were like, "OMG, lemme see!" Then they got queasy.

Apparently those two are nonstarters for body piercing! Holy cow.

I know. It's not that great of a story, but for your average afternoon out it was a LITTLE funny. My friend kept texting "is your ear done yet?" And I had to say, "No, these two little girls are still lying around being fanned!"