Research-based practice FTW!

I've been reading stacks and piles and PDFs about neurological emergencies, some of which are pretty detailed, for an article I'm writing. Said articles are heavy going and include bizarre presentations, which is what I'm interested in because the point of the article is "stuff we miss because it's weird."

I'm so excited because AS A DIRECT RESULT of this research, I made a potentially life-saving call in triage last week. In my hospital we have "register and wait" or "straight back, Jack," and it's the triage nurse's thumb that swings to and fro. I'm 100% sure that without all this neuro research I've been doing, I would not have run back with this patient with a "pull out the stops" call. It was a weird presentation, no one thought it was anything like what it was, and the patient got the needed treatment immediately.

So read your journals, people! You never know when a life will be saved. Also, have a crew who has your back and trusts your judgment. My coworkers and our physicians are the freaking bomb.