New nightshift problem: medication scheduling

I thought I knew them all, but I found a new somewhat serious nightshift issue. I just started three new psych meds, only one of which is BID. The other one is quite clearly for morning and the other for bedtime. I asked at the time, "does it need to literally be 24 hours apart, or should I take it when I wake up?" The answer was, "when you wake up, because it will make you unable to sleep." So far so good. But the pharmacy said "be sure you take this at about the same time every day so it doesn't build up too much in your system and then drop; you need a constant level of it." Well, great.

I just finished my first string of shifts on this medication, and taking it when I happen to wake up bunched it up and stretched it out ridiculously. And I can tell the difference if it's too close together. Argh. Multiple college degrees are failing me in solving this. I've got an appointment with my doc today, so I hope he has some brilliant solution or input. Most likely I'll get some variation of "yeah, night shift is so bad for you." Sigh.

The good news is that (scheduling and shift work issues aside) I am feeling much better. By miraculous means, three new psych meds and a huge increase of my cardiac meds have somehow united in a magical chemical symbiosis to keep my heart rate solidly in the 70s for a WEEK now, in addition to my mood lifting and my anxiety going way down. How often does THAT kind of thing happen? Not very. Win. I'm thinking if I don't have any more SVT in the next month when I see the electrophysiologist, I may see if I can postpone my ablation. I mean, the longer you wait for stuff like that, the better the technology gets, right?