Prop 'n Go: Must-Have for Gadget Users

I'm one of those people who parks on the couch or in bed with my iPad or Kindle for hours at a time, and my arms start to ache from holding it. I happened across these Prop 'n Go stands on Amazon and bought one (I bought the slim model). I've had it a week and can't recommend it enough. It's really sturdy, and it's got so many possible viewing angles you can suit yourself.

The slim model is still a little low down if the iPad is on my lap, so I stack it on a throw pillow, but if you don't want to do that they make taller ones. This stand makes me happy. I have had a variety of cases that prop up iPads, but this one allows infinite proppage angles and doesn't restrict you to landscape mode, as most cases do. I now consider it a must-have for serious tablet users.