Should I replace my TV?

My bigscreen TV has died. It already had a dead HDMI port, but now it's just DRT. It's part of a complicated system involving a DVD player, Apple TV, and Roku. I mostly listen to podcasts on my phone or watch Netflix. I'm wondering if I should just sell all that stuff off and use my iPad and laptop for movies. I read much more than watch TV anyway. I hate the thought of going to spend a couple hundred bucks on a TV I don't really watch that often, but it seems somehow ingrained to NEED a TV in your house. I'd have to replace something with a Superdrive because I have an Air without a DVD drive.

Anyone TV-less? How is it?

I'm not an audio critic, either, so the surround sound whiz-bang is mostly lost on me. My desktop Bose speakers would probably be fine.

My Animal Crossing character even has a dead large-screen TV!