Weekends are my favorite new-job benefit

It's crazy given my age, which I won't go on about (ahem), but weekends are a new thing for me.

I like weekends.

I finally get the TGIF posts. At work last night toward the end of my shift, I thought, "huh, when I leave I'll have 2 days to lie around and do whatever I want. Cool!" I actually have a freelance work that will keep me busy, and I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house, but still. Weekends = awesome.

Somehow I never felt like I had "time off" from the ER. Either I was catching up on sleep or I was on call, seemed like. I chose to work weekend option, so it's not the concept of the specific days Saturday and Sunday. I just didn't have any fixed interval where I felt free.

The regularity of the same hours, basically, with days in between with no call, is a major benefit. I'm loving it. Now I need to stop reveling in my freedom and get some editing done.