crzegrl is back! (Thoughts on the nursing blog cycle)

I happy saw "Focus on Not Focusing" on my Twitter timeline when I woke up. I have gone through a similar cycle with blogging, and I have seen it in most nurse bloggers who are around for a while (I've been blogging since 2007). Emily says just about what I think, so just read her post.

I recently posted the question: should I blog some stuff here and some stuff on Tumblr? Readers voted that I blog everything here, because "that's what makes it interesting." Thus spake the readership. It seems that's the conclusion Emily reached.

We are forging a new chapter in nurse blogging. The first chapter is complete: that was us dipping our toes in the water and experimenting. Now we have Google authorship, accountability, and the real probability that by now people know who we are. We are navigating how to be nurses on social media while also being people who spend many more hours per week not at work than we do at work (well, we hope).

I'm excited. I know we will make mistakes. I have already made quite a few. I've learned from them, and I've lived them out loud in hopes that my readers can learn from them rather than make them personally.

Welcome back, @crzegrl!