Ooooo, not a threatening letter!

For those of you who've missed the TB Skin Test Saga, let me fill you in.

I had to get the normal TB skin test you get with most new jobs, so I went and had it placed. They put it over a tattoo that was over scar tissue. So there was a bump underneath on account of scar tissue is ALWAYS bumpy. Thanks to the radiology tech who placed the bleb and the LPN who wasn't SURE it was negative, three people looked at it and read it as positive. I had to get a chest X-ray. Then they reported it to the health department and it became a Big Fscking Deal. It was read at 46 hours. Within 72 I had my own doctor read it, and that reading was negative.

Nobody cared.

My employer is fine with the x-ray, so it's the health department who now cares. They've been calling and finally I just went this morning to get a second one placed. It seemed the lesser of many evils.

Except they couldn't place the PPD because of the positive result, because it would have to be positive, and they couldn't let me go without a two-step because of the negative one. You see the problem. An environment was established that discouraged fruitful conversation, and I left after ascertaining that the consequence of this would be a threatening letter.

That's all? If I'd known that, this drama would have ended a long time ago.