What happened was, part X

Truly, the weirdest things seem to happen to me.

The pit bulls were very interested in the bedroom corner. I moved a stack of bed slats I had there to investigate. A mouse ran over my feet. I'm not afraid of mice, but it's startling to have one run over your feet, so I dropped the slats (on my feet). The alarm went off for a glass break from the crash. As it shrieked, the pit bulls moved the bed trying to eat the mouse, which was centered under the bed. The cat woke up and started clawing at Banjo’s back off the side of the bed, so Banjo alternately fended off the cat and tried to lift the bed off the floor to get this mouse. The mouse unwisely shot out from under the bed, and Banjo snatched it and dropped it, twitching and punctured in several spots, on my foot. I reflexively kicked it off. It hit the wall and slid down with, truly, a sickening thud; Banjo snatched it off the floor again and I directed the murderous duo outside with their snack. My alarm company called to make sure everything was OK. “What happened was…um…yeah, everything is OK.”

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