Mendel missed one

My family and I were all sitting around, drooping with exhaustion after sorting through my dad's stuff. My dad had a lot of stuff. By "a lot of stuff," I mean, do you need a wireless mouse? We've got 47 of them in a box. The anchor USB dongles, not so much, but I guess he kept the mice because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

One aunt asked my grandmother if she had deprived him when he was a child to cause this behavior, and she said no, but she did remark that grandpa tends to buy several of something if he finds a good deal.

Another aunt said she does that. In fact, she realized she had four yogurt makers.

I said, "I didn't get this gene." I like to get RID of stuff.

She said, "Well, it's recessive. We have dominant, recessive, and obsessive. Your dad was obsessive/obsessive, so you're just obsessive/recessive: a carrier."