Life with dad, part X

My dad died a little more than a month ago (seems like yesterday, or years ago, or as if it hasn't happened yet), and now I am experiencing the strange phenomenon that literally nearly everything I do and every place I go provides something that reminds me of him in some way.

Since he was a a funny dude, I mean, it's GENETIC, there is some serious laughter. The BF is used to random hysterical laughter these days ("what did you remember NOW?"). I can't deprive the blogosphere of these things.

I just saw this Zenni ad on Facebook (need glasses? Get them here. I LOVE Zenni). It says "Buy 2, get 1 free!" It provoked a memory.

Dad and I were rambling around a mall many moons ago, and a store had that same deal, but the signs said "Buy 2, get 1!" as they often do. We entered the store. Dad said, "What is this shit? If I buy two, I damn well better get two."

Literal humor, folks.