Snippefy for iOS: must-have for Kindle readers

Ereaders rock because they let you highlight and annotate, but it's a pain to get this information out of the book. Irritatingly you can't highlight and copy information right out of an app; you have to dink around with Amazon's Web site.

Enter Snippefy - Read and share your Kindle highlights and notes. It's free for iOS and is iPhone only but looks fine on my iPad. In-app purchases net you direct uploading to Evernote and Dropbox. I want that because I love to collect notes in Evernote, and these are uploaded in usable ready-to-go format:


It slices and dices in handy ways. You can easily export all your notes or just your favorites. I have been using it like crazy to clip to Evernote and to send texts to peope because I'm a quote junkie.

Check it out if you read Kindle books on your iOS device.

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